I have been in the silver business for over 40 years - first starting out as a collector - appreciating the Art and Beauty of silver. When my collection got out of hand, BAM! I became a silver dealer! It was a difficult transition, as parting with anything was very difficult at first.

So here I am - over 30 years later - a real Silver Dealer! The Art Nouveau period is my first love, especially the unusual and rare pieces; therefore, this is my specialty, along with all Tiffany silver.

I have been a regular consultant to authors of Silver Books and Price Guides, to various Auction Houses, as well as to other Silver Dealers.

I have been successfully selling on Ebay since 1998 and currently have an Ebay store (The Silver Lady Antiques) with 100% feedback rating. Ebay was so small, when I first joined them, that that first year I received a Christmas card, hand-signed by all the employees!! Can you imagine if that were to happen now?!!!

My husband joined me about 24 years ago. We do only a few Antiques Shows, but the best - Miami Beach Antique Show, Baltimore Summer Antiques Show and The Pier Antiques Show in New York City. If you can attend any of these Shows, please come up and introduce yourself to us. We would LOVE to meet you in person!!