FABULOUS AND OLD FRANCIS I FIVE PIECE TEA and COFFEE SET BY REED& BARTON COMPRISED OF: LARGE COFFEE POT- H 10 1/2", 46.4 TOZ. Hand Chased 571A Very Rare Heaver than standard LARGE TEA POT- H 8 1/4", 39.26 TOZ. Hand Chased 570A Very Rare Heaber than standard COVERED SUGAR- H 6 1/2", 26 TOZ. Mark for 1951 570A WASTE BOWL- H 4 1/8", 13.95 TOZ. Old Mark 570A Gold-washed inside. CREAMER H 5 3/4", 13.39 TOZ. Old Mark 570A Gold- washed inside. Excellent Condition and all marks are picture. This set will be hand polished before shipment. ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE APPROXIMATE.



Beautiful sterling silver oval Bread Tray in the ornate Francis I pattern by Reed & Barton. The length is 11 5/8”; the width is 7 5/8”; the weight is 13.42 Troy Oz. The condition is wonderful - no dings, no dents, no problems. There has never been a monogram. The marks on the back are REED & BARTON - STERLING - X554 - FRANCIS I.


FRANCIS I set of 8 Bread and Butter Plates

Unusual sterling silver SET OF 8, 7" Bread and Butter plates in the handsome Francis I pattern by Reed & Barton. Gold-Washed with no monogram. 49.76 TOZ. The marks are Reed & Barton - STERLING - X568 - FRANCIS I -

$4,000.00 1


Fabulous Francis I by Reed & Barton sterling silver waste bowl #570A Sterling silver Waste Bowl with light gold washed interior and no monogram. The length is 5 1/4",  the width is  4 1/4", the height is 4 3/8" and the weight is 16.00 Troy Oz. It is in excellent condition.



Old pair of Francis I sterling silver candlesticks. The height is 10 3/8". The condition is wonderful; I did notice 1 teeny ding on the underside, near the top of 1 stick - one would have to bend to even see it! The pattern is clear with nice oxidation. Notice that the bases are NOT weighted. There has never been a monogram. One of the stix is marked REED & BARTON - STERLING - FRANCIS I - 570A; the other candlestick is not marked - I am 100% sure that this was an oversight by the company, as both stix are identical and came from the same home in Newport, RI, where they were equally really tarnished!